Susan Foley Pranic Healing

Welcome, my name is Susan Foley and I work as a holistic healer, trainer and facilitator for personal development. The services I offer come from a combination of lived experience, knowledge gained in life, many courses and who I am as an intuitive.

I first became interested in healing many years ago after receiving my first Reiki treatment. I can honestly say it changed the direction of my life. It started with one step and became a journey, a journey that keeps unfolding with the gratitude of each new day, the awareness of every breath and respect for all life.

I have been working with energy since 1999, completing my Reiki Masters, Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, Shamanic Healing and Pranic Healing.

I have loved it all everything I have learned so far and everyone I have met has contributed to my growth, my development, my journey of unfoldment. I am happy to share, to help, to assist you in any capacity though the services I proved. Living life can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, the ups and downs of everyday life that challenge us. I work in a sacred space as a quiet channel and the energy work is very subtle and gentle but with profound results which I have experienced and witnessed over the years I have been practicing.

My work involves the use of energy, vibration and clearing of problems on an energetic level to bring about healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Complimentary therapies enhance, balance well being and promote healing. They are not a replacement for consulting a qualified medical practitioner.

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Susan Foley Holistic Healing
Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

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