I started going to the twin hearts meditation in the park hotel in dungarvan over four years ago. My experience of it and sue has been nothing but positive. At the time I was not feeling very well and was drained emotionally and physically and withdrawn, I felt that each month whatever ache or complaint I had would b lifted by the time I left the room, having done the twin hearts and received the mini pranic healing. I have kept going and the difference its made in my life and the support from sue and the friends I have made from going to the twin hearts are so important to me. I have had the courage to make so many changes over the last few years, and I put this down to the strength I have got from the meditations.

I have done the level one three times now and each time I come away having learned more, it's amazing and it answers so many of the questions I have had that others have never been able to answer for me.

I have also experience healings and support from sue on so many issues, the healings and presence of sue are so pure and unconditional. Thanks to you Sue and to the institute of pranic healing.

Meeting Sue and attending Twin Hearts Meditation has to be a one of the best things I have done for me in my life. Sue is brilliant, She has a great cheerfulness about her and you feel right at home. Sue is very welcoming whether you are there every week or didn't go for months. After meditation you are welcome to have a healing done and if you thought you were feeling great after meditation you are going to be even better after a healing.

The benefits of consistent twin hearts meditation are many and varied. Among others that i have found are...a calmer nervous system leading to reduced reaction to everyday stresses. Even when calamity strikes I find myself better able to cope. It also induces a sense of peace and an opening of the heart. You feel much more empathy towards all humanity in it's many guises. Physically one feels much stronger. Spiritually it connects you to a deeper aspect of yourself which is a very nourishing feeling. I highly recommend it.

Sue Foley has dedicated her life to helping others. During a healing session with Sue you are taken to a peaceful place where pain and worries are soothed. I have had many healings from Sue and always leave feeling stronger, healthier and better able to face whatever challenges come my way. If you are considering trying a pranic healing session with Sue I would highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

I have been engaged in spirituality, meditation and healing for the last 16 years. I have travelled widely following various contemplative meditative paths, and in my time spent in healing Susan is by far the most intuitive healer I have had the blessing to work with. My firm belief is one cannot teach fully what one has not experienced fully, I know that Susan’s work comes from hard work and dedication along with a true gift. As Susan has deepened her own spiritual practice she has passed on that depth to those of us who are lucky enough to have her as a guide. I would highly recommend Susan as a healer to anyone, not only for her contagious laugh and infectious joy, but also for her gentle healing way and dedication to her work. (Don’t let the soft façade and laughter fool you though, she will certainly make you work for your personal journey of healing).

Olive, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

I feel very lucky to have experienced Susan’s many gifts of healing. Susan has enhanced my life and experience and journey with her many healings. Susan is so dedicated to helping me, always patient and open while being in touch spiritually to heal and energize me. My energies on many occasions have been improved because of Susan and her expertise and dedication. Susan is always willing to help and is always available to support. I cannot thank Susan enough for all she has done to improve my life journey, words are hard to find but it is an experience I am proud to share and would recommend for profession dedication. Susan is strongly recommended by me for any healing you require on your life journey.

Mary, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

I attend Susan’s meditation class …It is an hour in my week where I can really look into myself and let go of my hurt, anger and deep emotions that I’m holding onto, while feeling so safe in this space. These meditations have truly inspired me to be more open to see life differently in a positive way. I always leave feeling that I can take on the week.

Elizabeth, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

My name is John, a friend recommended Susan to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with healing. I lived with my partner for 6 years and we were blessed with a beautiful daughter who is the apple of my eye. Two years ago we split up and I was devastated, I have felt so angry, hurt, lost full of pain. To be separated from the people I love broke me. I got very depressed and withdrawn and found it hard to even go to work or meet friends. Now after a few sessions of Pranic Healing with Susan I am now feeling a lot better. I am facing and coping with my daily life and moving forward slowly. I can’t say that I fully understand what Susan does but I feel better so I have a deep gratitude and respect for her.

John, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

I first met Susan in the supermarket, we were in the fruit and veg section and we started chatting. I found Susan to be very friendly, chatty and open. I was soon telling her about my migraines and she told me that she was a holistic therapist, she gave me her business card and within two weeks I phoned her as I had a very bad migraine. Susan explained she could do a distant treatment for me and I went to lie down. I phoned her later to say I felt a lot better, I was up and moving around in the house, my head was clearer and just a light pain, tummy not as nauseous. Since then I have been to Susan for Pranic Healing and I am much more relaxed, not as stressed and not getting as many migraines. I can now make plans with my family and friends and not worry about headaches and migraines. I would highly recommend Susan.

Margaret, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

Over the last few months I have been receiving Pranic Healing from Susan for my lower back pain and sciatica, all of which have helped enormously. Susan is very kind, sensitive, supportive caring and I am happy to recommend her.

Denis, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

I lost my beautiful mother nearly a year ago, my loss is huge. To see her slowly, painfully slip away from me broke my heart. To lose my mother, my friend, I thought I would die too. My friend recommended Susan to me and I have found our sessions are really helping me to cope. I leave our session feeling calmer and more peaceful. Just to b able to talk to Susan helps, she is so sensitive, supportive, understanding and has a huge heart which she opens to those of us in pain. 

Eileen, Cork.

To book a healing session please contact Susan by mobile: 087 7641345 or email: susanfoley72@yahoo.com As well as individual sessions, Susan also runs a number of group workshops. View Pricing Information for further details.

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