Twin Hearts Meditation

When this meditation is done in a group, the vibrations become very powerful and transforming for all participants and also have a positive effect on others.  There is enough evidence to reveal that when groups of people meditate together with a certain objective the outcomes are invariably successful.

The second major chakra to be activated during the mediation is the Crown center, situated on the top of the head.  It is the seat of Divine Love and Soul Realization, connecting us to the Devine Self.  This chakra cannot be activated unless the heart center has been activated first.  When this chakra is activated during the mediation the Consciousness expands as Divine energy descends and there is a down pouring of Grace.  The meditator experiences Oneness with all Creation.  There is a great sense of power and the ability to achieve anything and overcome all limitations.  Practiced regularly, the Twin Hearts meditation creates and sustains a consciousness that reflects powerfully, Divine Love, Light and Power.  This facilitates and accelerates self-transformation, as the meditator is able to dissolve negative thought forms and emotions, which obstruct personal development.

In healing ourselves and our loved ones through the Twin Hearts meditation, we should remember that we are also part of a bigger life –Mother Earth. Meditators use Twin Hearts worldwide as a global healing technique. It is a form of world service as it helps to heal and harmonize the earth by blessing it with loving kindness, peace, joy and goodwill. In the words of the spiritual teacher Grand Master Choa Kok Sui- "Today, more than ever humanity has a great need for rapid and effective methods of balancing both material and spiritual life…. I believe this meditation greatly helps to meet the urgent global requirements of this time". When practicing meditation on Twin Hearts one can discover and experience the following benefits in a short period of time:

  • Healthier physical and energetic bodies
  • Heightened level of intuition
  • Inner peace, love and compassion
  • Sharper clearer and thinking
  • Success in life with less stress
  • Enhanced spirituality
  • A brighter and more balanced aura and increased healing power
  • Generating good karma
  • Accelerating Soul Union

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